First, determine which consumer contracts or company contracts contain a dispute resolution provision that refers to the consumer`s AAA rules, or which refer to THE AAA rules. If an alternative arbitration decision exists in different agreements, you should only choose one version to streamline the registration process and reduce costs. In this case, the company should submit the uniform arbitration clause and also indicate (either in the coverage of the clause or on the clause itself) the contracts to which the clause applies. If registered in this way, a single fee and registration would be required. Alternatively, each clause could be submitted and registered separately, with a registration fee for each clause. For any compromise clause previously included in the registration, the AAA requires that the clause be re-revised in the event of a subsequent amendment, supplement, deletion or amendment that is not considered a de minimis. The rule omits any definition of a de minimis amendment. When the clause is re-introduced, a new $500 revision fee will be applied. A prudent company will ensure that each arbitration clause incorporates all issues in their entirety and in a definitive form before submission, so that only one clause must be submitted. The new change to the AAA rules is an expensive proposition. When a company submits a consumer contract to AAA to revise the compromise clause of the contract, each bid requires a non-refundable fee.

The fee is currently $650 for verification of compliance with the process and the maintenance of the registration clause until 2015. For companies that submit a compromise clause at any time during the 2015 calendar year, the cost of revising the clause and maintaining the clause in the registration is $500. In subsequent years, an annual fee of $500 will be levied to maintain a previously approved clause that is included in the registry. Washington follows the “U.S. rule” of legal fees (fees are non-refundable unless expressly provided for by a statute or contract). If you want the dominant party to potentially recover its reasonable legal fees and fees, and this issue is not addressed in any other arbitration agreement: Note 4: The beauty of using an administrative organization and rules is that the filing agreement can be quite short, as the organization has a comprehensive set of rules that answer and deal with almost every aspect of arbitration. , the appointment of the arbitrator to the arbitrator.