The copyright holder is required to provide the user with technical and commercial documents and to provide the user with additional information necessary to exercise the rights conferred on him under the commercial concession agreement, as well as to charge the user and his staff with matters related to the exercise of those rights. Concession agreements are very different from other more common trade agreements on the provision of goods and services. Unlike other commercial contacts generally related to private party asset and real estate transactions, concession agreements are intended for public goods and services and are intended to provide essential facilities and services. Apart from that, concession contracts are long-term contracts that usually involve high-quality transactions. Concession agreements are essential for infrastructure development in the country. WABs have proven to be very useful in simplifying concession agreements. It has reduced delays and costs of implementing these agreements. But the excessive rigidity of the wadlard structure undermines the interests of private companies and prevents them from investing in the infrastructure sector. Efforts should be made to allay fears of misallocation of risks and allow the renegotiation of concession agreements, in line with the recommendations of the Kelkar Committee report. Public services such as water supply can be operated in concessions. In the case of a public service concession, a private company enters into an agreement with the government on the exclusive right to invest, maintain and carry out activities in a public utility (for example. B a privatization of water) for a number of years.

Other forms of contracts between public and private bodies, namely the lease and the management contract (in the water sector, often referred to as farming), are closely linked, but differ from a concession with respect to the operator`s rights and remuneration. A lease gives a company the right to operate and maintain a public service, but investments remain the responsibility of the public. Under a management contract, the operator collects the revenue only on behalf of the government and in turn receives an agreed fee. 4. The user`s right to enter into this agreement for a new 4.1 term. A user who properly fulfils his obligations has the right to enter into a new mandate on the same terms at the expiry of this contract. 4.2. The right holder has the right to refuse the conclusion of a commercial concession contract for a new term, provided that he does not enter into similar trade concession agreements with others within three years of the expiry of this contract and accepts the conclusion of similar sub-concession trade agreements whose validity applies to the same area in which that agreement was valid.

In the context of a commercial concession contract, a party (copyright holder) is required to grant the other party (user) a right of use for a specified period of time or without specifying a term the right to use a set of exclusive rights of the copyright holder in the user`s business, including the right to a mark, a service mark , as well as rights for other exclusive rights under the contract. , especially for a commercial name, the secret of manufacture (know-how).