The annual housing selection process begins during the spring semester and is the process by which eligible residents choose housing for the coming academic year. Compliance with the announced timetable and procedures is imperative. Specific information will be available at the beginning of the spring semester and will be distributed to all eligible students. All cancellations must be made in writing directly to DePaul Housing; Oral cancellations are not taken into account. Demolition is completed when the next steps are successfully completed. Visit DePaul Housing`s main office at Centennial Hall, Suite 301. If not currently on campus, e-mail intend to terminate the lease. All notifications of termination of campus housing must be written directly to DePaul Housing; Notification through DePaul University`s admissions department, student records or other DePaul University offices is not enough. Oral cancellations are not rewarded. Cancellation notifications are confirmed as soon as a student has completed the full check-out process with DePaul Housing.

Cancellation conditions apply to all students who have been confirmed for campus apartments. Once a student is confirmed for accommodation, the cancellation fee applies in accordance with Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions. Students must resign before the following dates to avoid being responsible for future housing costs. As in the Fall District, all students who live on the Winter Quarter campus have their own single bedroom and individual bathroom. This allows for significantly higher security protocols in the case. All students who started occupying in a previous term/semester, who do not cancel (1) before the start of the next term/semester and (2) do not register, remain responsible for the full quarter/semester fee and the $1,500 cancellation fee are also charged. Accommodation cancellation: Refunds of payments to students who refused accommodation after registration are proportionally based on the number of days a student has occupied the university residence. Students are reimbursed 100% when they evacuate the room within the first five days; 90 per cent refund when they evacuate the room on days 6 to 10 after occupancy; 80 per cent refund when they evacuate the room on days 11-15 after occupancy; 70 per cent refund if they evacuate the room on days 16-20 after occupancy; 60 per cent refund if they evacuate the room on days 21 to 25 after occupancy; 50 percent refund if they evacuate the room on days 26-30 after occupancy; 25 percent refund if you evacuate the room on days 31 to 35 after occupancy. No refund is granted if the student has evacuated the room more than 35 days after the occupation. Residents must leave no later than 24 hours after their last year-end exam or until 3:05 p.m.m on the departure date set by Residence Life (depending on what happens first). If a disturbance is observed during this period, they must leave immediately. All students must move before 15 .m hours after the last scheduled exam.

This may be less than 24 hours after the last final exam. If a student is considering studying abroad, doing an internship or leaving the accommodation for a specific period of time related to academics, the Office of Residence Life must be informed in advance. For reasons of space, it is not possible to obtain accommodation on return, although special attention is paid to the same possibility as a current local student.