Embassies and consulates can also apply to the Danish Immigration Office. Decisions on such applications are taken by the Danish Immigration Office and refusals may be challenged before the Immigration Appeals Office. The rejection of visa applications for the Faroe Islands and Greenland, adopted by the immigration services, can be challenged by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. 1. Turkey, at the request of a Member State and without additional formalities to be completed by that Member State, which does not fulfil or no longer fulfils the conditions for entry into force in that Member State under the legislation of that Member State or Union legislation; stay in the territory of the requesting Member State or stay in the territory of the requesting Member State, provided that it is established, in accordance with Article 9, that they are Turkish nationals. means and documents which supplement the means and documents listed in Annexes 1 to 4 to this Agreement; The aim of the Association Agreement is to strengthen economic and trade relations between Turkey and the current EU, while gradually ensuring the free movement of workers between the parties to the Agreement. Documents, certificates and invoices of any kind (e.g.B. Hotel bills, appointment cards for doctors/dentists, tickets for public/private establishments, car rental contracts, credit card receipts, etc.), which clearly indicate that the person concerned is on the territory of the requested state, the agreement paves the way for Turkish sailors to work in Danish-flagged ships, tweeted adil Karaismailoğlu, the Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, on October 15. The IIA navigator will be constantly adapted following the review and comments of UN Member States. It is mainly based on information provided by governments on a voluntary basis. A contract is included in a country`s IIA census as soon as it is formally concluded; Contracts whose negotiations have been concluded but not signed are not accounted for. A contract is excluded from the IIA`s census as soon as its termination takes effect, as soon as it continues to have a legal effect on certain investments during its survival period (“sunset”). In case of renewal of a contract, only one of the contracts between the same parties is counted.

Depending on the situation, the counted treaty may be the old one if it remains in force until the ratification of the newly concluded IIA.