For more information, please contact JSD Superintendent Bridget Weiss in or Laura Mulgrew, President of the JPO, The team has already completed non-economic positions. The team negotiated for more than 11 hours and discussed salaries, retirement, health care, payment for meetings after work, and the length of the contract year. The negotiation team of the Juneau Education Association (JEA) and the Juneau School District (JSD) concluded negotiations for a succession agreement on May 15. The JPO bargaining unit is the largest workers` association in the district and represents 349 certified educators and collaborators in the Juneau School District. JEA is a local subsidiary of NEA-Alaska. The team will meet on May 16 to conclude the contract and expects that by May 17 a final interim agreement will be distributed to members of the Juneau Education Association and the Juneau School Board. The details of the contract will be made available to the public after verification of the contract by the board of directors and the members. JEA has scheduled a ratification vote for May 22….