* I use my smartphone hotspot from the first use to access the Internet on my LG Smart. Why it says server errors when loading Internet usage agreements works well, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just broke down the other router. The TV then automatically recognized the correct agreement and the user agreement was downloaded. I recently bought an LG 43UH610T TV. I am in Bali, Indonesia. Everything seems to work well, but when I click on one of the options like LGTV, YouTube, etc., I am told that I need to approve the LG Smart TV user agreement first. However, I receive a message with the message “User agreements cannot be loaded – a server error has occurred…” One thing to consider for every new TV, like a phone or smart home device, is how it handles your privacy. In many ways, the content you see on the big screen is watching you back. While most modern TVs don`t follow you with physical cameras, their Smart TV software platforms often follow behind the scenes what you`re doing. – Follow the screen process until you get to the point where you will be asked about downloading the LG User Agreement.

This time, it should work to connect you via the hotspot. In LG`s User Agreement, you can disable tracking services and ads. – Now, press “Home” on your remote control and select an app (preferably one you subscribe to like Netflix), you should see the error “user agreement can no longer be downloaded”. Hoorah! From Amazon and Roku to Samsung, LG and Vizio, all major smart platforms and TVs record your display data. Software and hardware manufacturers use it to “improve” the products they offer, for example. B by adapting the show recommendations and the announcements they show you. While the ability to display is potentially frustrating, it helps keep costs low when buying a new TV or streaming stick. I made things worse by trying a factory scrap. Before, I could at least see the apps I had already loaded. However, I tried to “fix” my problem with a new app by following the online instructions and performing a factory scrap.

In the end, I completely messed up, since the apps no longer work, because the user agreement cannot be downloaded. So you just received a new Smart TV or maybe a Roku or Fire TV broadcaster as a Christmas gift (maybe from yourself, but who matters?). Congratulations! Whether it`s a discounted tourière or an unusual new OLED, it`s a great time to enjoy your big screen. For me, even though I had entered the Wi-Fi password during setup, I also had to open the web browser (with the Home button) and open Google. Then the browser also asked for my Wi-Fi password. Then the user agreement, Amazon, etc., started working. – Activate a hotspot to access the internet (use your smartphone or any other hotspot device) I also have a fucking problem. Internet works well in TV browser, Internet fully connected, but unable to download terms and conditions that therefore do not allow me to use smart features such as vudu, YouTube, Netflix, etc. I am connected to WiFi without cable TV (as there is no cable or Ethernet connection). .

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