Yes. On the one hand, there is the trade restriction in which the reference group or moving company controls the electricity of buyers and sellers. Up to 25% of the current real estate market includes an affinity group or a recommendation from a moving company, and the percentage will only increase. On the other hand, real estate companies that compete in a given market cannot meet to fight movers by refusing to participate in the referral fee system or risking violating antitrust laws. This whole question remains largely unanswered, because there are no final court decisions that would give us the necessary guidance. Here are the other details that any recommendation agreement should contain: I know someone who made a legitimate recommendation to an agent, but that person was only informed by the person of the agent who was looking for a real estate agent. But this person still receives the recommendation fee of 1/4 of the agent`s commission. It looks unfair. How would a licensed agent find a referral company they can work for instead of selling CIs? I started working with a client before I learned that she was locked in a referral group or move. Do I have to pay an intermediation fee to the moving company? Re: Kickbacks, Recommendations, Finder Fees For credits, I think I understand the process For the next question, I contacted HUD/NAR/RESPA>FHA and didn`t get anywhere. My question is only for the sale page of the property that needs a loan This is a tricky question.

On the one hand, you have been very clear about the process and without an agreement, there is no legal obligation to pay a transfer. On the other hand, if you feel that non-payment of the recommendation will lead to potential revenue losses in the future, because you lose the opportunity to turn people into regular customers, that doesn`t seem wise either. A licensed real estate agent in Oklahoma wants me to pay him a referral fee to send me a seller who sells his property in Texas. Can I pay a referral fee to this extra-state broker? Thank you for your thoughts. It looks like your friend won some of that commission to establish the connection between you and the agent, sorry it wasn`t done. Things in real estate live and die because of the contractual language, so without official agreement it will be difficult to get this recommendation….