For the most part, a residual clause, the rules and restrictions mentioned are imposed on tenants by the lessor in order to ensure good behavior during their stay on the premises. These clauses are necessary to protect these premises and ensure that such use does not affect neighbours. Modification of premises: a tenant generally does not have the right to modify the premises or boundaries of the rental property. Depending on the will of the owner, certain rights may be conferred on him in respect of them. `Any payment, whatever its name, under a lease, sublease, lease or other agreement or agreement for the use of land or a building (including factory buildings), as well as furniture, furniture and associated land, whether or not that building is the property of the beneficiary` Maintenance: the agreement must clearly state: who is responsible for the monthly maintenance costs. Notice period: although the law provides for a notice that should be served in different cases, it is advisable to indicate this in the agreement in order to protect the interests of the tenant. .