Other matters related to the rental of accommodation in an official accommodation establishment are governed by civil law. The reference to Article 2112 of the Civil Law does not apply to the rental of accommodation in an official accommodation establishment. The rent for a State-owned dwelling shall be fixed by the owner of the dwelling concerned and this payment shall consist of part of the costs of managing the building, proportional to the size of the rented residential area concerned, in accordance with the provisions of Article 11. Paragraph 3 of the Act. The tenant`s family members have the same rights and obligations as the tenant. The adult members of the family and the tenant assume joint and several material liability for the obligations arising from a rental agreement. When entering into a lease agreement, a rent payment is made on the basis of a written agreement between the parties, except in the cases referred to in sections 11.1 and 11.2 of this Act. If the lease has been concluded for a specified period, the tenant is required to evacuate the living space at the end of the contract, unless the contract provides for an obligation providing for the tenant`s right to request an extension of the contract. In the event of the inclusion in the contract of an obligation providing for the right of the tenant to request an extension of the contract, the tenant has the right to refuse to renew the rental agreement if: 2) the dwelling, dwelling house, other buildings and premises entrusted to the tenant for use in accordance with the rental agreement for purposes for which they are not intended: are used; or (b) at the end of the term of the contract, at the previously agreed place and at the previously agreed time, to hand over the vehicle to the lessor, in the same technical and optical condition and with the same litres of fuel in the fuel tank as it was in the vehicle at the time of delivery of the car, as well as with all equipment, accessories and documents….